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With the Super Mario Cereal about to hit store shelves. Seth Hay and GandaKris teamed up to make a mini-Super Mario Cereal box amiibo.

Seth Hay laid out the box to design the front, back, and all sides, includes flaps. However, only the front and back of the box was released by Nintendo & Kellogg, very little information for the rest of the box till the initial release. To get close as possible on the design of the box, Seth studied a few cereal boxes to grab missing pieces to give the box a more authentic feel.

DIY Super Mario Cereal Custom Amiibo GIVEAWAY

You can watch GandaKris’s other videos on her YouTube channel or visit her Twitter account for more details on her amiibo customization.

Expect an interview with GandKris here on Cat with Monocle soon!

Now you can print, cut and fold the box for you to display! To download the full-resolution graphics, click on the graphic to save on your device. You can also download the other fake Nintendo cereal boxes below for your pleasure.

Amiibo-sized Super Mario Cereal

Super Mario Cereal Amiibo Box

Misc. Cereal Boxes

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