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In the latest issue of V-Jump in Japan, new fighters have been announced for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ: Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black.

These mark the first “true” characters from the current series, Dragon Ball Super. Yes there’s Golden Frieza, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (shorten to Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Super) Goku and Vegeta, and now Beerus but those characters appeared in the Dragon Ball Z movie,“Resurrection of ‘F’”. Hit and Goku Black characters first appeared in the Dragon Ball Super series. Which is quite of a surprise for Dragon Ball fans.

Here are some detail information for each new character announced today:

  • Beerus: Meteor special attack “God of Destruction’s Judgment,” which it looks like a throwing technique then a forehead flick followed by a combo. Fans of the show will recognize this move from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z movie“Battle of Gods”.“Sphere of Destruction” is an another attack that uses multiple spheres and detonates when touched.
  • Hit: Meteor special attack “I Continue to Grow,” stops the opponent from moving and lands multiple attacks. Hit also uses instantaneous attacks and movements to strike down his opponent.
  • Goku Black: Meteor special attack “Work of the Gods,” starts off with his hand blade and finishes off with attacking with his clones he creates. Goku Black will turn into his“Super Saiyan Rose” form at the start of battle.
  • Zamasu, a Dragon Ball Super character, also makes an appearance as a supporting character for Goku Black, similar to Android 17 and the Ginyu Force members. Zamasu comes in to bind the character to aid Black Goku.

Along with the characters, there are also new game elements:

  • “Come forth, Shenron!”: Shenron, the dragon that summons wishes to those who collect all seven dragon balls, appears in the middle of battle. Gather all dragon balls in the game along with a certain amount of combos, Shenron will appear. The combo amount needed is based on you and your opponent. The player who obtains the combo will get to choose one of the four wishes: full HP recovery, teammate revival, addition of one sparking icon, or gradually recover health over time.
  • “Dramatic Scenes”: You can view iconic scenes from the Dragon Ball series that take place before and after battles, however it’s based on the conditions you have to achieve in battle to view these scenes.

You can view the scans below to see additional details of the characters and game elements. Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in North America and Europe on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game releases on February 1 in Japan.

Translations supplied by Ryokuta2089. Scans

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