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Penny-Punching Princess is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita soon. Before then, NIS America released a character trailer to introduce players to get to know the characters in the game.

Penny-Punching Princess - Character Trailer (Switch, PS Vita)

Witty and fun, Princess will do whatever it takes to beat the crap out of her foes for money, because money is everything… right? Sebastian, the Princess’ butler that looks like a beetle, will be lending a hand (or claws). You’ll also meet the zombie, Isabella along with anti-hero characters. Players will get to use a nifty calculator to total up your money, punch and bribe your way to the top to rule over the kingdom.

Prepare to fight for money on April 3rd, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch (physical and digital) in the US and EU the same day for the Nintendo Switch. Digital version of the PlayStation Vita for EU will come March 30th, US on April 3rd.

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