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PlayStation Vita fans can be excited as two new indie games have released on Sony’s forgotten handheld: Reverie and Sir Eatsalot. Both games unique and filled with adventures that’ll keep Vita players fed for awhile.

Reverie was recently released on the PSN North America store on March 29, April 3 in Europe, revolves around a boy named Tai, who lives on a fictional island called Toromi Island. He  must venture through dangerous dungeons and across a variety of environments to put the spirits to rest. All in a summer holiday!

Inspired by the legend of Maui and the Giant Fish where the demigod himself fishes up the North Island with a powerful fishhook. The game is heavily influenced by Earthbound (aka Mother) and looks to be an interesting game for Super Nintendo nostalgia fans.

Reverie Announcement Trailer (PS Vita)

Sir Eatsalot released on the PSN store for North American and Europe today, April 3. The kingdom of Gluttington was at peace… until one day, Hysterica poisoned the Isotonic Waters with sour lemonade. That evil witch! The kingdom’s crops are withering, but this plague has yet to befall all the lands. There is still hope! King Dietan III dispatches his greatest, bravest, stoutest knight to save the kingdom from certain ruin: Sir Eatsalot.

Sir Eatsalot - Gameplay Trailer

We will be reviewing both games and show off some gameplay so stay tuned cool cats!

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