Temtem, a massive, online multiplayer game that is heavily inspired by Pokémon has ended its Kickstarter funding. The game initially kicked off on Kickstarter on May 29, 2018 and ran till July 2, 2018. The game was quickly funded at $70,000 and continued to see growth during the timeframe and ended with a successful number at $573,939. Over 700% the initial funded amount.


It’s been quite some time since we have seen a Pokémon or Digimon-like game emerge and Temtem has potential to be there. Like a lot of Kickstarter projects, there’s been mishaps, disappearance, and projects such as Mighty No. 9 that has received a successful fund, didn’t do so hot when released. Each project funded, you have to take it with a grain of salt and hope for a positive outcome.

Crema, the team behind Temtem, released a set of goals such as included a mythical Temtem creature, replay system to rewatch battles, create clubs, in-game tournaments, port the game to the Nintendo Switch, and more. Crema has been working in the video game industry for about six years, having already developed a few games, Temtem maybe their biggest one yet and it’s grabbing people’s attention. Online multiplayer will be interesting on how Crema and the team will do and taken notes from how Pokémon GO was when it first launched on smartphones.


About the game. It’s set on floating islands, called Airborne Archipelago, where the Temtem coexist with humanity. There are six different islands, each uniquely different. Here are the official island names and descriptions:

  • Deniz is a Mediterranean paradise of glittering seas where Water and Wind Temtem abound. Walk the streets of Turquesa, explore the ruins of an ancient fort or just chill on the shores of Indigo Lake.
  • Arbury’s pride is its University. The fierce dons of Lochburg swear by their Melee Temtem, against the sophisticated Properton academics, who favour Mind Temtem.
  • Omninesia (”the Myrisles”) is a cluster of tropical islets connected by rope bridges, home of Nature and Fire Temtem. Enjoy the luxury of Atoll Row and investigate the lava caves of the Anak volcano.
  • Cipanku dabbles in mysticism and well as technology. The labs of Nanto produce Digital Temtem, while the monks revere the Electric Temtem in remote hills among rice paddies.
  • Tucma, “The End of All Things” – a vast desolation of ashes, noxious lakes and Toxic Temtem. Under the surface, the mining city of Quetzal is home to artisans, rock-hoppers and Crystal Temtem.
  • Kisiwa is a sun-drenched savanna. Eastern Kisiwa boasts an unrivalled variety of Neutral Temtem, while the western deserts are home to the best Earth Temtem.

However, Clan Belsoto is looking to cause some trouble in the world of Temtem. Here are few of the characters announced, leaving the leader of Clan Belsoto absent:

  • Lady Lottie is an arrogant Arburian aristocrat, with the aloof manners of an exiled queen. Her delusions of grandeur conceal her dangerous skill in Temtem battles.
  • General X is a stern Denizan officer, fond of strict discipline and blind obedience. He is using Clan Belsoto to realize his own dreams of conquest and domination.
  • Dr. Hamijo is a disgraced Cipanki scientist, who now applies his knowledge to the advancement of the wicked plans of Clan Belsoto, using genetically modified Temtem when challenged to a duel.


Similar to Pokémon and Digimon, your creatures can evolve and battle. Based off the official trailer, battle animations and layouts do look familiar but hey, if we can get a solid game out of this, we win. Temtem also adds additional features such as customizing your room with furniture and your avatar, a bit of something for everyone.


The game’s soundtrack will be composed by Damian Sanchez who has worked on various indie games. You can listen to a sample of the game’s music below which sounds quite pleasing:

Crema’s plan is to have the game an early launch come September 2019 and a final release come May 2020. That’s quite some time away but with large-scale projects like these, you’ll want all the time you can but also plan your release accordingly. For example, if the next Pokémon game is released for the Nintendo Switch late next year (the next game after Let’s Go Pikachu, Let’s Go Eevee), that gives Crema about five months in-between with Temtem. While the game is going to be on other platforms, whereas Pokémon is not, Nintendo Switch is still your big factor. Especially with a large handful of games launched on the Switch have been positive sales.

You can still back the project at their Kickstarter page.

Temtem - Kickstarter Trailer

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