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Octopath Traveler is here and so is the limited edition, the Wayfarer’s Edition. This one is a bit difficult to find but some stores may still have it in stock, you may have to give a call if available.

Here’s what is inside this unique, limited edition from Square Enix:

  • 8-page pop-up book featuring characters and origins
  • Sound Selections CD
  • Double-sided cloth of an illustration of the game’s characters and world map
  • Replica coin of the in-game currency
  • Collector box to hold everything together

For those who have not gotten it and are curious to see what’s inside, check out below on our photos we took of this product. The limited edition is different from other limited editions I’ve come across. The pop-up book is interesting though the unfolding feels a bit off, especially with the one with the walls at each end. Those walls keep wanting to fold in and not stay in position. Square Enix is notorious on their soundtracks, only giving you a sample instead of the full list. I’ve only seen one company actually give customers a full-soundtrack when purchasing a limited edition, NIS America.

Cloth map and coin are neat but let’s be honest, you’re buying for the pop-up book. Out of the limited editions coming out this year, Disgaea 1 Complete seems worth the purchase. Octopath Traveler is available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. For those looking for the Wayfarer’s Edition, call your local store or check on their online store if in-stock for delivery.

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