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If you are looking for vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up games from Japan, you’re in luck! Sisters Royale releases on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 at the end of January 2020. Pre-orders open on December 19th for both the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store. The game is inspired by the 2001’s Castle of Shikigami and follows five sisters with unique magical powers. Their mission? Race to capture the heart of an angel, Yashin. The game utilizes player’s skills to rack up scores. Not only does the game release worldwide, the game will unclude an online global leader board.

About Sisters Royale:

The battle of five sisters begins! Their mission is to capture the heart of the angel Yashin. Sisters Royale is a new vertical scrolling shmup from the veteran team at Alfa System, the studio behind the ‘Castle of Shikigami’ series. Five sisters with unique magical talents battle it out with Tension Bonus Systems (TBS), a point multiplier system based on distance from enemies, and the Power-shot System that boosts attack levels. Find hidden Secret Fairies to gain massive scores, but only if the players take additional risks by multiplying the TBS bonuses! Get to know the score boosting techniques and take your place on the global leaderboard.

For those waiting for the game to release on other platforms, expect an announcement early 2020. Sisters Royale releases on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 digitally on January 30, 2020. You can watch the trailer and screenshots below.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire

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