Anime styled, role-playing game (RPG) Zengeon is heading for console release this year after its launch on Steam. Players can choose between six Celestial College students, each with their own unique abilities. The game lets you play multiplayer online with up to three people, making it a battlefield. Being a roguelite game, players can lose everything except for Memory Fragments you collected when perished.

Official story synopsis:

For centuries a the Celestial Academy has protected a seal within the Blessed Land, keeping the Dark Emptiness from entering this realm. But… everything must eventually come to an end. During the Lunar Eclipse, a great power tore through the seal’s enchantments, unleashing the Dark Emptiness upon the world.

Now, the Demon God makes his return… Choose from six playable characters, each with their own attacks, skills, and items.

It is up to you, as one of the students of the Celestial Academy, to repel the Dark Emptiness and repair the seal in the Blessed Land!

Zengeon console release in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The indie game available now on PC (Steam). You can visit the official website on details where to order when available.

Zengeon - Console Announcement Trailer

Source: PQube Games

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