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VTubers, virtual avatar entertainers are growing in popularity rapidly, especially on Twitch while streaming gameplay. What’s stop there? Cinderella Switch is a virtual reality concert series that uses virtual avatars for visuals has gained popularity and its fourth virtual event tomorrow, Saturday, March 27 at 9 AM CET / 4 AM EDT / 5:00 PM JST. The concert is viewable on Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Niconico, and Android and iOS smartphones. Additionally, the event is accessible on the PlayStation VR if you have a PSN Japanese account.

If VR is not your thing, the concert will live stream on Niconico’s website. The apps are free to download to get you ready but you’ll have to pay tickets to actually see the concert for approximately $43 / €35 (448 VARK coins) for one concert part, or approximately $80 / €66 (847 VARK coins) when buying both parts bundled together. Web tickets on sale on Niconico for approximately $33 / €28 for one part, or $62 / €51 when bundling.

In Cinderella Switch vol. 4, popular VTubers Himemori Luna (twitter) and Natsuiro Matsuri (twitter) will perform and take turns on stage. Himemori Luna will begin first on stage as Matsuri watches the show next to you. Later in the concert, the VTubers will swap, Natsuiro Matsuri will step in as Luna watches the concert with you. After the show, viewers who purchased the bundled tickets are welcome to the backstage conversation.

To get an idea and glance what the concert is, you can watch the first three concert highlights below. After Saturday, three more concerts remain for Cinderella Switch. Cinderella Switch vol. 4 airs Saturday, March 27, 2021 for many VR headsets, mobile devices, and on the web browser. Additional information about the virtual concert available on the official website.

Cinderella Switch Vol. 1 Highlights

Cinderella Switch Vol. 1

Cinderella Switch Vol. 2 Highlights

Cinderella Switch Vol. 2

Cinderella Switch Vol. 3 Highlights

Cinderella Switch Vol. 3

Source: VARK

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