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Nintendo Switch’s OLED console and Metroid Dread aren’t the only games coming out the same day. Tetris Effect: Connected will utilize the OLED screen on October 8th as well. Announced during Nintendo’s Indie World presentation earlier today, the colorful puzzle game lets players enjoy what other consoles and PC players are enjoying. During the announcement, players can play each other other consoles and PC with cross-play capabilities. Additionally, Switch players can purchase the game for 25% off for the first two weeks of launch. Tetris Effect: Connected lets players use either the TV, tabletop, or handheld mode. Playing multiplayer online requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Tetris Effect: Connected releases on October 8, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. The game launches an update for the PlayStation 4, Xbox, Microsoft Windows PC, Steam, Epic Game Store, and Oculus Quest on August 18th.

Tetris Effect: Connected - Gameplay Preview - Nintendo Switch

Source: Nintendo, Enhance

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