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Announced during the recent Nintendo Direct, the last Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter would have its own reveal event on October 5th at 10 am ET / 7 am PT. This would be the last fighter announced for the Smash Bros Ultimate event. It’s sad to hear as these announcements have brought excitement, frustration, and many other mixed emotions. Regardless, it was a hot topic for years, who would join the Smash Bros roster? The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character is Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.

Another sword and Square Enix fighter joins the roster but comes in eight different costumes, all costumes from the Kingdom Hearts series. Making this character more unique than the others with designs. During the reveal, Sakurai reveals Sora was the most popular character requested and after collaborations with companies such as Square Enix, Sora was able to make his appearance.

Additionally, a special Kingdom Hearts stage comes with Sora on October 18, 2021 for $5.99.

Our Smash Bros Ultimate Sora wallpapers coming soon!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Final

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Battling with Sora – Nintendo Switch

Sora Character Reveal Trailer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Last Key (Nintendo Switch)

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