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Toei Animation held a special event for upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Last we heard about the film was during San Diego Comic Con when fans found out the movie’s official title, new artwork and a sample animation clip of Goku. During the NY Comic Con, fans got a little more such as a Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero clip.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Clip #2

The clip showcases a new CGI in the Dragon Ball series, creating a backlash on how the game looks like Dragon Ball‘s video games Xenoverse 2 and FighterZ. Regardless, the film looks to stay further away from hand drawn scenes as the previous Dragon Ball films began to dabble in some CGI from various fight scenes.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - Goku vs Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place 10 years after the defeat of Majin Buu. In the clip, for a few frames, Goku trains with Broly after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. On earth, an evil organization is moving in the shadows. Based on the iconic logo used in the clip, the Red Ribbon Army appears to be coming back from its defeat during the early years of Dragon Ball. While on earth, Pan has grown up a bit and at the age of training, most likely with Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - NYCC Screenshot

During the event in New York, additional info regarding two mysterious figures revealed: Gama 1 and Gama 2. Details of their roles are still unknown but do make an appearance in the latest clip.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero releases in theaters in 2022.

Source: NY Comic Con

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