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Wander Stars, a turn-based RPG, takes it to another level with a tribute to classic ’90s anime style. Releasing new assets, the Wander Stars trailer showcases how it tributes to classic anime by naming your own attacks and announcing it as you attack. Dragon Ball fans will remember Gotenks’ obscure attacks and its associated names. Like any television series, with Wander Stars, you can replay episodes and pick up any missing upgrades and events you’ve missed.

Regards to where the indie game will release on, Wander Stars will launch on the Nintendo Switch and PC. A Kickstarter campaign to start-up soon. A Steam page created to showcase additional assets and add to your wishlist. A specific date is unknown. Expect additional details to come when the Kickstarter project launches.

About Wander Stars

The story of Wander Stars follows Ringo, a young martial artist looking for her brother, and Wolfe, a mysterious scoundrel running from his past, as they join forces in an unlikely partnership to collect the pieces of the Wanderstar Map.

An official website page created on Paper Castle Games website for product news. Fans of RPGs and anime will want to keep an eye on this game. Wander Stars coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC.

NEW Wander Stars Steam Page! (Teaser Trailer)

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