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The Demon World is full of mean, nasty and rude inhabitants. Many of them are lumped into gangs that are fighting for territories. However, no one can beat the Demon King, the strongest demon across the lands. Enter Beebz, a young demon who’s not even a thousand years old yet, decides to take on the Demon King and overthrow to become the best. She’ll have to take on many demon gangs before she squares off the Demon King. While writing about demons fighting amongst each other isn’t something new, the dialogue script and storytelling is entertaining and comical. Beebz is quite an interesting character with a cast of supporting characters to aid her to become the Demon Queen.

Playing Like the Late ’90s

Demon Turf has a lot going for it. Its unique design of 2D character renders in a 3D environment certainly brings the game to new heights. The indie game inspired by popular 3D games from the Nintendo 64 days certainly shows here. It’s almost like Rare’s take on Super Mario 64. Character movement, techniques and gameplay is certainly fun. Camera movement feels comfortable but at times a little too much speed that can cause your head to spin.

The game offers manual checkpoints that gives players more control on warping back and forth but feels unnecessary. Instead of automatic checkpoints on most games, players can choose what spots to plant their “flags” as checkpoints. Players may find themselves using them at cumbersome spots that make it difficult to explore or just forget about using them. The goal, like many platformer games, is to reach the level’s goal at the end.

As you explore, Beebz learns new techniques that’ll aid you to complete each level. For example, transform yourself to swim underwater or the ability to hover across the air longer. At times it feels like you’re entering a combo move to create long-range jumps. It’ll take some practice to get the right movements down.

If you’re looking to take-on speedruns, Demon Turf certainly offers that. Additionally the game offers many options to adjust the game’s gameplay such as adding a timer to practice your speedrun.

The Final Punch

Those looking for a 3D platformer should check out Demon Turf. With its unique gameplay mechanics, amusing storyline and fun soundtrack, it’s hard to not want to explore the Demon World.

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