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Muv-Luv, a popular manga series that’s released many visual novel games and animated series, is now releasing an open world, PVP (player vs player), role-playing game on Steam’s early access. The game, Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story, puts players as Tactical Surface Fighters to battle against the extra-terrestrial enemies called BETA. To take them down, you’ll pilot giant mechs. Your mech can be customized with weapons, armor, and a combat style to fit your needs.

Players will play as Shirogane Takeru, the main protagonist from previous Muv-Luv series. You’ll be making decisions and actions that’ll drive how the story unfolds and how the balance of power will turn in the war against BETA. Aside from the story mode, the game offers PVP and Frontier modes. With PVP Mode, two teams of 4-players can battle against each other on the battlefield. However the game still in development, developers are planning to add new features down the road. For Frontier Mode, players can explore and battle in an online world as you and other worldwide battle against the BETA invasion. Based on your actions can change the course of power in the war.

With the game in development, players can provide feedback to help improve the game’s quality. Players can sign up and test out Project MIKHAIL during development. To join, sign into your Steam account and download the game from the official Steam page. Those who pick up the game within the week can get a 10% discount. For additional details of the game, players can visit the official Japanese game’s website.

Project MIKHAIL: A Muv-Luv War Story available now on PC (Steam) as an early access.

Project MIKHAIL Trailer

Source: Team Critical Hit

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