Sonic Frontiers is coming in fast and before its release in early November, Sega releases a new trailer for the game. The Sonic Frontiers trailer isn’t just for show, instead the footage reveals the game’s gameplay and upgrading moves using the game’s skill tree. It’s the first time in the series where Sonic uses a role-playing style mechanic to upgrade stats and skills. The game gives you a set of skills at the start of the game such as drop dash but upgrading your blue hedgehog is necessary as you progress the game. Players will have to search for the “Red Seeds of Power” and “Blue Seeds of Defense”.

There’s more techniques for Sonic, waiting to be unlocked in the skill tree. The game introduces “Phantom Rush” where Sonic can fill-up his combo gauge and initiate timed boost of power, giving enemies a taste of their own medicine when Sonic unleashes his powerful attacks.  The “Sonic Boom”, a new attack where Sonic unleashes a long-ranged attack of shockwaves. “Wild Rush” a flashy zig-zagging attack that’ll collide Sonic into his enemy with great force. “Cyloop” is a feature where Sonic can use to take away enemy barriers by circling around them, however the barrier is down for a short time. If that wasn’t enough, you can use this technique on the ground to pick up rings hidden underneath.

There’s quite a list for Sonic and players to learn in this RPG-styled game. Sonic Frontiers arrives on November 8, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-orders available with extra content. Players can visit the official website for additional details.

Sonic Frontiers - Combat & Upgrades

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