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LIVE A LIVE trophies/achievements are both missable and unmissable. Many of the missable ones can be replayed. The following LIVE A LIVE trophy guide will help you understand how-to unlock each one. You can read our review of LIVE A LIVE on why it’s a great RPG title to own.

It’s highly recommended to create multiple save files to earn these trophies quicker than re-starting them, especially during the Dominion of Hate chapter with various endings based on your actions. Here’s our LIVE A LIVE trophy guide (achievement guide) to aid you for 100%.

LIVE A LIVE available now for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

LIVE A LIVE - Platinum Trophy


Obtain all silver, bronze, and gold trophies.

Unlock everything. Trophy earned for PlayStation players.

Believe in Me - Trophy

Believe in Me

Embrace vengeance in the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Begin starting the Dominion of Hate chapter once and a new playable option becomes available at the menu screen, letting you select Oersted. Win all seven battles without using the Armageddon (a Flee-like action) and unlock this trophy.

A Clean Slate - Trophy

A Clean Slate

Use the Armageddon ability in the Dominion of Hate chapter.

While playing as Oersted in the Dominion of Hate chapter, select the Armageddon action once your health points (HP) is very low. If you see the Flee command, your HP isn’t low enough. Enjoy the fireworks and this trophy arrives for witnessing the end of the world.

Let They Without Sin - Trophy

Let They Without Sin

Grant the fallen hero’s wish after defeating the Purity of Odio in the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Earned in the Dominion of Hate chapter. Defeat Purity of Odio, the first confrontation. He’ll ask you to deliver the final blow. You can disagree or agree to his request but to earn this trophy, agree to his request and you got it.

An Incomplete Destiny - Trophy

An Incomplete Destiny

Complete the Dominion of Hate chapter without befriending all potential allies.

Earned in the Dominion of Hate chapter. Do not recruit all seven allies before the final boss. After you defeat Purity of Odio, deny his request to deliver the final blow and walk away.

You’ll encounter multiple boss battles, depending on how many allies you recruited. It’s recommended to have at least these three join you: Pogo, Oboromaru, and Shifu. Once defeated, you’ll earn this trophy. Remember, you have to at least have one of the seven characters never tried recruiting.

United in Defiance of Hate - Trophy

United in Defiance of Hate

Defeat the Sin of Odio after befriending all potential allies in the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Earned in the Dominion of Hate chapter. Unlike the An Incomplete Destiny trophy, recruit all seven allies and fight the final boss. Here’s where to find all seven characters:

  • Akira
    • Located in the Fugalia Village. He’ll try to read your mind and then he’s ready to join the team.
  • Cube
    • Located in Lucrece Castle. Head inside to the second floor to the inner keep (balcony) where the princess was kidnapped during The Middle Ages chapter. Cube is tucked away in the northeast corner of the area. However, you need a battery, which is found in the snowy mountain of Hero’s Rest. Located closer to the top of the mountain around the center of the summit. You’ll encounter a shiny green light, examine it to get your item. Return to Lucrece Castle to turn on Cube.
  • Masaru
    • Located in Lucrece Castle’s dungeon. After entering the castle gates, pass the village, entering the castle, take a left to go downstairs to find him working out in an open cell. Approach him to fight him. Defeat him and he’ll join your quest.
  • Oboromaru
    • Located near the entrance of Archon’s Rest. Read the signpost and he’ll ambush you. Fight, win, and he joins.
  • Pogo
    • Located south in a small field of Balm Grass. On your way to Archon’s Roost, head south to the field where you will find a small treeline break where you’ll find Pogo. He’ll play a mini hide-and-seek game with you but after talking to him four times, you’ll fight him. Afterwards, he’ll join you.
  • Shifu
    • Located at the top of the snowy mountain in front of the Last Hero’s Grave. Depending on the disciple picked, you will either have to fight Lei, feed Hong nine times from your inventory, or just talk to Yun.
  • Sundown
    • Speak to him at these five locations to recruit him:
      • Old cabin in the snowy mountains of Hero’s Rest.
      • In Hero’s Rest, in front of the Trial of Instinct.
      • Outside Hero’s Rest, go right at the first signpost towards Lucrece Castle.
      • The throne room in Lucrece Castle.
      • Go west of the throne room to the West bedroom inside Lucrece Castle.
      • Leave the castle, Sundown will confront you and agrees to joins you.

After defeating all seven bosses, a new boss battle awaits afterwards. All your characters will fight, equip them properly with some level increases. After the fight, watching the long cutscenes and credits, the trophy unlocks.

Fisher of Ornery Fish - Trophy

Fisher of Ornery Fish

Defeat Lucretius.

Earned in the Trial of Instinct. There’s a pathway within that splits but one of them takes you a detour to a path of water where the golden koi swims in. You’ll see a shadow swimming around and approaching it will bring the giant fish out to speak. He’ll request an item, the Golden Topknot which can be found in of the chests in the Trial of Power. You can come back later if you don’t have it yet.

After delivering the Golden Topknot, you’ll enter the battle with the giant koi. This monster koi has a large health bar, be sure to use bit hit attacks from Oboromaru and Pogo. Defeat Lucretius and you’ll earn this trophy from the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Seeker of Forgotten Wisdom - Trophy

Seeker of Forgotten Wisdom

Defeat Euraokos.

Return to the Trial of Wisdom after being awarded the 17nm Diode. In the third area, there’s a robot roaming the room, Euraokos. Defeat him to earn this trophy. Magic-based attacks from Oboromaru will aid you in this fight. Defeat Euraokos and you’ll earn this trophy from the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Denizen of the Dark - Trophy

Denizen of the Dark

Defeat the Jaggedy Jacks.

Earned in the Trial of Time, this fight comes to you based on the time limit given by the bell sounds, similar to Sundown’s The Wild West chapter. Each bell makes the dungeon darker. Once the eighth bell rings, it’s time to fight as four enemies appear on the battlefield.

Be sure to have a set of fighters at least level 15 (aside from Cube), these enemies will pick you off if not careful. They have high attack power but low health points (HP) but don’t take them lightly. When you attack them, they will encounter so pick them off one at a time. Also be aware of the lightning tiles on the floor as those will heal your enemy. Oboromaru’s Death Blossom and Cube’s Maser Laser are great to utilize. Defeat Jaggedy Jacks and you’ll earn this trophy from the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Arbiter of Destined Death - Trophy

Arbiter of Destined Death

Defeat the Death Prophet.

Flee from battle 100 times in the Dominion of Hate chapter. This can come pretty fast if you work on finding all seven character’s weapons. When you are very close to your 100th flee, you’ll receive a message in-between battles when you have five more battles to run. Save before you reach zero. Once you flee on your last count, the screen will go red and you’ll go into battle.

This enemy is resistant to magic so make sure your physical attack fighters are wanted here (e.g. Pogo, Shifu). Oboromaru’s Death Blossom is another good attack for this panther. Defeat Death Prophet and you’ll earn the trophy.

Temptation of the Void - Trophy

Temptation of the Void

Defeat the Headhunter.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter where you confront Odio the first time (located in Hate’s Triumph), he’ll ask you to come speak with him. Ignore this and retreat. Odio will speak and send you into a void. Walk around and a battle will start, the Headhunter appears.

Spread your party out as Headhunter’s attacks can quickly kill-off a member of your party easily. Not only does his attacks hurt a lot, he’s resistant to everything. Melee attacks and character ultimate moves (e.g. Shifu’s Heavenly Peaks Descent) are needed here. Have a party close or above level 20 (aside from Cube) to survive this one. Defeat the Headhunter and you’ll earn the trophy.

The True Design - Trophy

The True Design

Play the Dominion of Hate chapter.

Earned in the Dominion of Hate chapter by starting the chapter with any character. One of the easiest trophies to earn and surprisingly for a gold one.

Triumph and Tragedy - Trophy

Triumph and Tragedy

Defeat the Lord of Dark in the Middle Ages chapter.

Earned in the Middle Ages chapter. Defeat the Lord of Dark, return to the king and report to him to unlock. Unmissable, story-based trophy.

Make Good Lots - Trophy

Make Good Lots

Craft ten items in the Prehistory chapter.

Earned in the Prehistory chapter. Talk to the craftsmen either in the first cave or any of the two wandering outside and craft any ten items.

One, Two, Three, Many - Trophy

One, Two, Three, Many

Win the head-counting game in the Prehistory chapter.

Earned in the Prehistory chapter. Start of the game, enter the room to the right of your room. Engage a minigame and win. Can be done as many times as you like. Once you are kicked out of the cave later in the story, you cannot go back.

Captain Cube - Trophy

Captain Cube

Play as Captain Square in the Distant Future chapter.

Earned in the Distant Future chapter. After waking up your crew, head into the recreation room. There’s a computer located at the bottom, left of the room. Approach it and boot it up to play the Captain Square game. Be sure to do this before the last story events as it’ll become not available.

Elbow Grease - Trophy

Elbow Grease

Use the powered prybar in the Distant Future chapter.

Earned in the Distant Future chapter. You’ll automatically earn this trophy based on the story events by gaining access to the Powered Prybar that unlocks doors in the ship.

Nothing Left to Teach - Trophy

Nothing Left to Teach

Impart the ultimate technique to your disciple in the Imperial China chapter.

Earned in the Imperial China chapter. Learn Shifu’s last technique, Heavenly Peaks Descent to earn this trophy. Can’t be missed.

Bold as Brass - Trophy

Bold as Brass

Return Annie’s Diary to Annie in the Wild West chapter.

Earned in the Wild West chapter. While Annie is setting up a trap, go to her room upstairs and grab her diary in her closet. When she returns back to the saloon, talk to her to set up another trap but select the diary. She’ll slap you but you’ll earn the trophy in return.

Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon - Trophy

Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon

Prepare every possible trap in the Wild West chapter.

Earned in the Wild West chapter. Prepare every item trap before the Crazy Gang arrives in town. Here are those items you need to find in town and task the civilians to set up:

  • Barkeep’s Beloved Poster
    • Located in the top right room in the Saloon.
  • Bottled Fire
    • Only one needed but multiple places are available that includes finding oil and an empty bottle. Your partner, Mad Dog, will put the Bottled Fire together once you have a set. The Saloon and Post Office have these two items to make one. 
  • Bundle of Rope
    • Located in Wayne’s Boarding House. Little tricky but there’s a door hiding behind three barrels on the first floor. Enter the room to find the rope in a chest.
  • Carrot
    • Only one needed but multiple places available (e.g. Diner) 
  • Coal Tar
    • Located in the Storehouse in a barrel.
  • Dynamite
    • Located in the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Frying Pan
    • Located in the Dinner on the wall. Only Annie can set this trap up.
  • Horse Shit
    • Located in the Stables.
  • Shovel
    • Located in the Larder, top right of the Stables.
  • Slingshot
    • Ask Billy in the Saloon for the slingshot item and only him can set this trap up.

It’s advised to save the game prior to collecting in case you missed specific items during the search. Every gang should be wiped out aside from the ring-leader, Dio. While setting up traps, specific items should be done by specific civilians, Mad Dog will inform you (e.g. frying pan for Annie). As long as you are done by the 6th bell, you should have enough time to set up all the traps.

Hail to the Champ - Trophy

Hail to the Champ

Defeat the world’s six greatest fighters in the Present Day chapter.

Earned in the Present Day chapter. Defeated the first six fighters. Can’t be missed.

Great Scott - Trophy

Great Scott

Inspire Doc Tobei to invent something amazing in the Near Future chapter.

Earned in the Near Future chapter. Give an item to Doc Tobei in his antique store, he’ll light up and create an improved item in return. May need to try multiple times to earn this one but it’s easy to earn.

Consummate Businessman - Trophy

Consummate Businessman

Sell a taiyaki for 10,000 yen in the Near Future chapter.

Earned in the Near Future chapter. Return to the park after the chapter’s intro and talk to Lawless at the taiyaki stand. He’ll let you run it and sell taiyaki to a business man for 10,000 yen. You have multiple tries to get this.

Clockwork Companion - Trophy

Clockwork Companion

Activate the Mimic Mammet in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter.

Earned in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter. This trophy requires treasure searching. You’ll need at least three Koban coins (four if you want to escape the room with your new teammate), these are scattered all over the castle.

Next, defeat Gennai located in the Castle Keep’s fourth floor and he’ll drop a Mainspring. North of the room where you defeated Gennai, there’s a slot located at the right top of the room on the wall. Insert three Koban coins into the slot and you’ll hear a click sound. Avoid the black tile in the center of the room that can activate a trap and head to the room South where you came from. You’ll enter a new room with a small figure placed in the center. Approach it and insert the Mainspring you earned earlier. The figure awakens and battles you. Win the fight and it will join your party. Trophy earned.

Not Your Average Ronin - Trophy

Not Your Average Ronin

Befriend the prisoner in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter.

Earned in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter. Ryoma joins your party in two ways: recruit him by finding him in the dungeon after defeating Amakusa Shiro OR he’ll join automatically before the chapter’s final boss.

Instinct's Prize - Trophy

Instinct’s Prize

Obtain the Great Stone Axe in the Trial of Instinct.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, visit the snowy mountain close to Hero’s Rest. As you progress up the mountain, keep right when you encounter a fork in the road.There’s a pathway that’ll lead inward with a large rock and shimmering ice in the area. You’ll need Pogo in your party to break it apart. Enter it to start exploring.

There are a few doorways and paths to take but this nowhere near as daunting as the Trial of Keys and Trial of Heart. This is also where you can fight one of the secret bosses, Lucretius for a trophy. Proceed until you find your way at the end of the path for Pogo’s weapon. Once you obtain the Great Stone Axe, the trophy is earned.

Wisdom's Gift - Trophy

Wisdom’s Gift

Obtain the 17nm Diode in the Trial of Wisdom.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, visit the Fugalia Village located west of the castle. Inside there, you’ll need the robot, Cube in your party to advance when entering any of the houses. Once inside, you’ll be asked to solve puzzles that require some thinking but easy enough to get through. Couple puzzles require you to view Cube’s stance in the mirror to help navigate to the next stage. Another to examine the arrow on the floor to determine which doorway to take. Final test is teleporting. Touch each stone boulder that’s located in each corner of the room clockwise, start with the top right boulder then work your way clockwise.

At the end, you’ll be rewarded with Cube’s best weapon. Once you obtain the 17nm Diode, the trophy is earned. There are no fights until you return to this area again to fight the special boss, Euraokos.

Skill's Proof - Trophy

Skill’s Proof

Obtain the Nunchaku of the Master in the Trial of Skill.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, visit the snowy mountain of Hero’s Rest, not very far from where you found Shifu at the top of the mountain. Located in the first section of Hero’s Rest, you’ll want to head northwest towards an area where you see a giant boulder and Shifu will make quick work of it. Enter the cave to begin.

Inside, there are many smaller boulders that require Shifu to use specific attacks, clues are in the dialogue based on the attack name. Once you do one, it becomes easier to understand. Each time you break a boulder and enter a new room, an enemy similar to Shifu’s chapter will try to approach you. You can encounter the enemy or avoid it. However, you will need to fight this relentless martial artist before you earn Shifu’s weapon. Once you beat this fighter, he’ll no longer appear and you’re free to explore. Once you obtain the Nunchaku of the Master at the top of the stairs, the trophy is earned.

Time's Testament - Trophy

Time’s Testament

Obtain the .44 Magnum in the Trial of Time.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, with Sundown in your team, you’ll encounter a horse on a pathway after crossing the wooden bridge. The horse will flee, follow it a few times to get you access to the dungeon.

Once you enter, the time limit begins. It is possible to run through the dungeon, grab Sundown’s weapon and leave before the eighth bell as the dungeon has no encounters. Bells will ring up-to eight times, making the dungeon darker. Once pitched black, you’ll encounter a secret boss, the Jaggedy Jack. While there’s no random encounters, it is recommended to have a couple strong fighters on your roster in case you encounter this secret boss. Once you obtain the .44 Magnum, the trophy is earned.

Power's Glory - Trophy

Power’s Glory

Obtain the Champion’s Wraps in the Trial of Power.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, there’s a hidden path tucked away on the right before you head into the snowy mountains of Hero’s Rest. Before you can enter the cave, a huge blue bird riding on a red eel awaits you, you’ll want to have Masaru. Initiate a dialogue with it and the battle can begin. Ideally, Pogo, Oboromaru should be in your party with your attacks. Sundown and Cube are also helpful in this battle.

Once the obstacle is out of the picture, enter the dungeon. It’s the most linear path dungeon you can ask for. Go up and unlock the chest for the Champion’s Wraps. Once you obtain the Champion’s Wraps, the trophy is earned.

When you leave, you’ll encounter battles and chests spread around can now be opened. Be sure to get the Golden Topknot as it’s needed to fight Lucretius.

Heart's Potential - Trophy

Heart’s Potential

Obtain the Guts and Glory Glove in the Trial of Heart.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, you’ll need Akira in your party. To get to Akira’s dungeon, you’ll have to teleport (flee) from a few battles while exploring and you’ll suddenly teleport to his dungeon, the Trial of Heart.

This dungeon is much like any ordinary dungeon, a giant labyrinth. You can use Akira’s mind-reading powers to listen to the ghost from The Middle Ages chapter. Explore and find treasures before you reach the end to a chest ready to be open. Once you obtain the Guts and Glory Glove, the trophy is earned.

To leave the dungeon, read the ghost’s mind and you’ll teleport out. Remember, once you leave, you can’t come back so grab everything you want. Luckily for you, the Golden Topknot is not here.

Keys' Reward - Trophy

Keys’ Reward

Obtain the Murasame in the Trial of Keys.

In the Dominion of Hate chapter, visit Lucrecia town that’s located inside the castle gates. There are four entrances, take any of them by walking into one of the houses as they all lead together. You’ll need a few Rusty Keys to get around the dungeon and that’s by defeating ninjas called The Shadow. There’s no limit to how many to have so take a few while you can.

Explore the labyrinth where you’ll find these four keys before getting Oboromaru’s weapon: Key of Byakko, Key of Seiryu, Key of Genbu, and Key of Suzaku. You’ll want to go head over to the steel doors that are chained, use each key to get your prize. Once you obtain the Murasame, the trophy is earned.

Raw Instinct - Trophy

Raw Instinct

Complete the Prehistory chapter.

Earned by completing the Prehistory chapter.

The Heart that Bleeds - Trophy

The Heart That Bleeds

Complete the Distant Future chapter.

Earned by completing the Distant Future chapter.

Keeper of the Legacy - Trophy

Keeper of the Legacy

Complete the Imperial China chapter.

Earned by completing the Imperial China chapter.

Into the Sunset - Trophy

Into the Sunset

Complete the Wild West chapter.

Earned by completing the Wild West chapter.

Here Comes a New Challenger - Trophy

Here Comes a New Challenger

Complete the Present Day chapter.

Earned by completing the Present Day chapter.

The Kids Are Alright - Trophy

The Kids Are Alright

Complete the Near Future chapter.

Earned by completing the Near Future chapter.

Dawn May Banish the Darkest Night - Trophy

Dawn May Banish the Darkest Night

Complete the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter.

Earned by completing the Edo Japan chapter.

Hatred's Coronation - Trophy

Hatred’s Coronation

Complete the Middle Ages chapter.

Earned by completing the Middle Ages chapter.

Sniff Sniff - Trophy

Sniff Sniff

Use your sense of smell to hunt game in the Prehistory chapter.

Use the sniff ability while hunting or roaming outside the caves during the Prehistory chapter. Can’t be missed.

Budding Barista - Trophy

Budding Barista

Prepare coffee in the Distant Future chapter.

Brew a cup of coffee during the Distant Future chapter. Can’t be missed.

The First Painful Step - Trophy

The First Painful Step

Complete your first training session with your disciples in the Imperial China chapter.

Earned while playing through the Imperial China chapter by training your disciples the first time. Can’t be missed.

Preparing for the Big Soirée - Trophy

Preparing for the Big Soirée

Have someone set a trap in the Wild West chapter.

Have at least one trap set during the Wild West chapter. Earned during the story event. Can’t be missed.

What's Yours is Mine - Trophy

What’s Yours Is Mine

Learn an opponent’s technique in the Present Day chapter.

Earn on the first special attack landed on you during the Present Day chapter. Earned during the first match. Can’t be missed.

A Yen for Your Thoughts - Trophy

A Yen for Your Thoughts

Read someone’s mind in the Near Future chapter.

Use the Mind Reading technique anytime during the Distant Future chapter. Earned during the story event. Can’t be missed.

Now You See Me - Trophy

Now You See Me

Use the Shadowed Self technique in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter.

Earned in the Twilight of Edo Japan chapter. Use the Shadowed Self technique anytime during the chapter and the trophy is yours.

The Hero's Vow - Trophy

The Hero’s Vow

Obtain Brion in the Middle Ages chapter.

Have the retired hero, Brion, join your party during the Middle Ages chapter. Can’t be missed.

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