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The sequel to 20XX is now live on PC (Steam). 30XX launches on PC and releasing soon for the Nintendo Switch. The game has come a long ways since its early access from February 17, 2021. Players can design their own levels for others to enjoy and more. The diagram below showcases what’s new to enjoy in 30XX.

30XX - Infographic

In 30XX, the game can be enjoyed with co-op to experience the level together or by yourself in either offline or online. Players can die and trey in the rougelite Classic Mode and turn-up the difficulty for a challenge, earn rewards and more. With the level maker, you can exchange your designs with other PC users and soon Nintendo Switch players too.

Additionally, the game’s soundtrack is also available through Stream or at Bandcamp.

About 30XX

Awaken from a thousand-year slumber after the events of 20XX as super-powered protagonists Nina and Ace. Fight for their future to discover the fate of a fragile world, and save what remains of it.

30XX now available on PC (Steam) and coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Players can visit the game’s official website for more information.

30XX 1.0 Launch Trailer

Source: Batterystaple Games

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