Update August 16, 2023 10:19 EDT: Kristala reached its final Kickstarter goal, surpassing $95k.

The purrfect character has arrived to fight evil in this upcoming dark fantasy role-playing game (RPG), Kristala. This indie title launched its campaign on Kickstarter and surpassed its $10,000 USD goal in flying colors. That’s mewotastic and the game is just under $100,000 USD funded too. The game’s funded unlocks majority of the goals:

  • In-Game Beastiary ($25k): Track new creatures you find during gameplay in your Player Journal
  • “Boss Rush” Kristala Challenges ($32k): Refight bosses at higher difficulty to earn rewards and achivements
  • 6 Collectible Emotes & Mimic Chests ($36k): Unlock access to Secret Passageways, new NPC interactions & Mimic Chests
  • Soundtrack Scoring ($42k): Game’s music produced by Winifred Phillips (Assassins Creed, God of War)
  • Cat Character Customizer ($46k): Play as your real-life cat in-game
  • 9 Lives Modes ($52k): Challenge mode where you have 9 lives for the entire duration of the game and other challenges
  • Dog Steeds ($60k): Summon a canine mount to join you on you travels
  • Nintendo Switch Port ($65k): Kristala launches on the Nintendo Switch consoles
  • Crafting System ($70k): Craft tools, consumables, armor and weapon state enhancements from world items and enemy drops
  • New Game + ($75k): Beat the game again at your current level but everything has higher health and more damage
  • More Critical Takedown Animations ($80k): Unleash your feral warrior and experience additional ways to brutally slay enemies when their balance meter is fully drained
  • Tandaran Character & Spell Tree ($85k): Play as a member of the tunda-dwelling Tandara Clan and unlock access to the expansive Tandaran ice magic spell tree
  • Rescue Animal Familiar “Little Buddie Mode” ($90k): Rescue trapped animals in the game will turn them into a familiar who is invisible and can help pickup gold, items, and reveal secret pathways
  • Keozan Character & Spell Tree ($95k): Begin Kristala as a member of the islandic Keoza clan and wield a fire-based magic on the unlockable Keozan spell tree

With just a handful of hours left, there’s less than $1,000 USD left to reach the project’s final goal, Keozan Character & Spell Tree for $95,000 USD. Based on the project trailer, the game looks to give players hours of fun as a humanoid feline warrior. What more could you ask for? Project campaign closes on Kickstarter on Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 8:00 AM EDT.

Kristala set to release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in the near future. To back the project, you can visit the Kickstarter project page to learn more and funding options. You can also visit the game’s official website for more information.

Kristala Demo Gameplay Trailer - April 2023 Update

Source: Astral Clocktower Studios

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