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Charles Martinet retires his role at Nintendo. Charles role first brought life into Mario since the mid ’90s starting at Super Mario 64. The actor also roled in additional Nintendo character voices, such as: Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and their baby equivalents. Signs of Charles not reprising his voice first began when he became cameo for the 2023 Super Mario Bros. The Movie and in the upcoming game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. However his role with Nintendo isn’t over as he’s promoted as a “Mario Ambassador” and he’ll continue to “travel the world sharing the joy of Mario”. Expect to see the charismatic actor in conventions around the globe. Voice acting for nearly three decades is quite an accomplishment and something to be proud of. Charles has worked on various other roles, such as the recent anime film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Don’t be surprised to see his voice in future projects outside of Nintendo.

Additionally, a special video with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet to come soon.

For now, we say “thank you” for all your hard work and the best on your new journey Charles!

Source: Nintendo of America

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