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Matt Makes Games Inc.
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Jan 25, 2018

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Fans of the popular indie game, Celeste, are in for a real treat. Celebrating 6 years of the original game, the team that developed the game, Extremely OK Games, went out of their way to release a Nintendo 64 style version of Celeste, titled Celeste64: Fragments of the Mountain and it’s free to download from Be sure to download the latest version!

The gameplay is about what you think it is, a mix between Celeste and Super Mario 64. Additionally, the original composer of Celeste, Lena Raine, released a few new tracks for this game. If you enjoy the soundtrack, which you should if you enjoyed what Lena workedon, it’s available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Celeste and indie game fans, go out and enjoy this! The original Celeste available on consoles and PC and scored a perfect rating on Cat with Monocle.

Celeste 64?! And it's FREE?! - Game & Watch

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