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When you put together a game about a cat with a human, muscular body, how do you top it off? With a Japanese anime style opening. Developer, music producer, and animator, “Kamotachi” quite possibly made one of the most obscure but wonderful opening to a video game. The KinnikuNeko Super Muscle Cat opening gives it that ’90s anime vibe and after watching it, players should be raring to go to play this one.

About KinnikuNeko Super Muscle Cat

Wait… A muscular cat that fights aliens!?

Get ready to enjoy this crazy 2D platformer adventure starring KinnikuNeko! A cat with the body of a bodybuilder who will fight against a big alien army that has invaded planet Earth and captured all its inhabitants. He will be accompanied by his friends Lemon and Keita, a girl and a boy who haven’t yet been captured by the evil beings from outer space.

Go through different levels fighting with your muscles until you find the way to save humanity.
Watch out! The slender and ferocious General Pitaya, together with her two henchmen, will not make it easy for you!

Discover the intentions of this evil civilization in a story full of humor, friendship, drama, and action. All under a visual aesthetic typical of Japanese anime and traditional animation!

The game still in development for a few years is looking to release soon. Luckily, a demo of the game is available on the game’s Steam page. Additionally, the game, KinnikuNeko Super Muscle Cat will have a live stream even on NextFest on Thursday, February 8th at 6am EST. If you’re looking for some wallpapers, there’s a few available on Cat with Monocle.

KinnikuNeko Super Muscle Cat set to release on PC (Steam). A release date not confirmed yet.

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