It’s been some time on updates from Earthlock 2 and there’s a reason for it. Game director & co-founder of Snowcastle Games explains that “development didn’t go in the direction we wanted and we had to take a break to refresh our core vision.” With companies trying to push out games and break on day one, why go through the headache? The latest Earthlock 2 trailer release reveals that the team is back at it and is proceeding in development.

Earthlock 2 features a dynamic ecosystem that adjusts based on changes occurring over time and respond to actions of the player. You’ll travel through the Desert of Kor where players can create a new life by adding nurturing the area based on certain requirements. You’ll be rewarded thanks to your effort that’ll feed into your Desert Ship. This vehicle is essential to your adventure in Earthlock 2 for transportation, battles, and a base station.

About Earthlock 2

You, alongside a band of voyagers, stand at the precipice of danger and glory. A vast desert of mystery and possibility awaits for you to explore and transform into an Oasis full of life. You will explore this world with your trusty Desert Ship. The ship starts out as a humble mode of transportation, but with time and effort, it will become your mobile base of operations, and instill fear into your enemies in the desert. Rise to become the most formidable Explorer of Umbra!

Earthlock 2 in development and set to release on consoles and PC. Earthlock, a title worth adventuring into, available now for consoles and PC. Additionally, Earthlock‘s spinoff game, Ikonei Island released on PC (Steam) and coming to consoles soon. The latest cinematic Earthlock 2 trailer available below to view.

Earthlock 2 - Cinematic Trailer

Source: Snowcastle

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