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It’s been years since a symphony Zelda Orchestra Concert made its rounds to perform in front of a live audience. Do you recall the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses tour? That trend still continues unfortunately. Earlier Friday, a pre-recorded 30 minute orchestra performance published on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. The performance recorded at Tokyo, Japan and originally planned as part of the Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo event. This concert celebrates the history of The Legend of Zelda and it’s worth listening and watching to relive the experience of a live symphony concert. From the latest Zelda title, Tears of the Kingdom and classics such as Ocarina of Time and Link’s Awakening, fans can relive their childhood. It’s too bad a Mario symphony concert hasn’t made its rounds yet.

Fans can watch the recored Zelda Orchestra Concert below or on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert - Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO


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