4.75 out of 5


  • A solid non-canon film
  • Animation quality
  • Family scenarios


  • Poop dream feels too long
  • Those who are looking for canon material

Wit Studio, CloverWorks, Toho Animation
Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Action, Animation, Comedy
Theatrical Release Date (NA)
Apr 19, 2024
Film Length
1hr 50min
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Spy x Family is a popular manga series that received its own anime adaptation and now has a theatrical movie, Spy x Family Code: White. In most anime, films that are based on a series are called non-canon when their stories don’t intertwine with the main series narrative. Think of it as a branch from the story. However, because of this, it can be difficult to win the fanbase over, but Code: White is an enjoyable film with its amusing storyline and family scenes that intertwine. If you’ve watched the series, you know what you’re getting but at full movie length. Even if you haven’t, it serves as a fine introduction to what the fuss is about. In short, Spy x Family Code: White is fun, entertaining, and a great addition to the series.

Meet the Family

Spy × Family Code: White - Screenshot

For those who have yet to finish or jump into the series, the film gives a quick synopsis of each main character before going any further. Spy x Family takes place in a fictional world during a power struggle between two countries, Westalia and Ostania. War can break out anytime. Twilight, an undercover spy for Westalia, takes on a secret mission called Operation “Strix” to get close to a high positioned government official. To do so, Twilight takes the name Loid Forger, moves to Ostania where he adopts a pink-haired little girl named Anya, and quickly marries an office worker named Yor in order to succeed in his mission.

However, it’s not all that simple since each character, including the family dog named Bond, has their own unique abilities. Anya can read minds, Yor is a skilled female assassin known as the “Thorn Princess”, and Bond can foresee the future. It’s a unique family under one roof. Neither of them, except Anya, knows about each other’s “gifts”. However, Anya decides not to say anything in order to keep the family together since she’s afraid everyone will be in shock and then leave to go their separate ways. It’s amusing that Anya could have made Twilight’s mission much easier, but she goes out of her way to try and help without spilling the beans to him and Yor.

A Family Trip!

Spy × Family Code: White - Screenshot

In the beginning of the film, Twilight is asked to take on a mission regarding a microfilm being delivered that’ll turn the two countries against each other at the snap of a finger. Additionally, Twilight is told by his headquarters that he is going to be removed from Operation “Strix” because things are taking too long.

Later that day, Twilight finds out that Anya will participate in a baking contest at Eden Academy, the highly prestigious private school she attends. The contest winner will win a Stella Star. Stella Stars are special rewards that can gain a student access to high level politicians. Twilight’s goal is to help Anya earn these stars in order to meet his target. Twilight doesn’t want to give up on the operation just yet and looks to help Anya win. The baking contest will be judged by the academy’s principal, which is important information. As a professional spy, Twilight knows what dessert the principal enjoys and makes a last-minute plan to have the family go north to find this specific desert to learn how to make it.

At the same time, Yor’s colleagues at her public job gossip about signs your partner is cheating on you. This creates comical moments for Yor as she takes her relationship with Twilight more seriously than need be. Originally, Yor and Twilight made an agreement that this was a “pretend” marriage so that they both can achieve their goals. However, they don’t tell each other that those goals are related to their “side jobs”.

Spy × Family Code: White - Screenshot

During the trip, Anya gets into mischief and accidentally swallows a piece of chocolate that contains a secret code for missiles that can cause war between the two countries. At first, the film follows this plotline but steps away to dive into the baking situation for Anya’s school, and then comes back as things begin to heat up with the Ostania military looking for the code Anya ate. The way the movie flows between each scenario is smooth and keeps the audience’s attention to make the two-hour film an enjoyable ride.

Each family member, including Bond, gets a good amount of screen time. There’s also a solid amount of comedy mixed in with serious moments, making sure the tone is well balanced. There are predictable moments where you’ll foresee what will happen, and you don’t need Bond to tell you that, but it doesn’t take away from the amusement and the story of the film.

Feels like the Series

Spy × Family Code: White - Screenshot

Code: White was animated by the same companies who worked on the anime series, Wit Studio and CloverWorks. It’s vibrant, colorful, and even makes the “poop” scene a joyful experience. That said, that scene in particular goes on too long, showing Anya’s dream sequence of achieving the relief from holding back her poop. It feels like the point was made and could have shaved off a few minutes.

The voice actors in both Japanese and English versions reprise their roles in the film, providing that continuity with the anime series. The movie does have a different director from the series, though, Takashi Katagiri. He previously worked on the storyboards for the anime, so he was already familiar with the overall atmosphere of the series. The film was in good hands with Takashi.

The film’s scores are great as well. There are a wide variety of styles of jazz, along with some tunes that give it that spy vibe. If you’ve enjoyed the anime, you won’t have issues with this film. It’s basically like watching four episodes in one sitting.

The Last Mission

Spy x Family Code: White is a great big-screen trip with the Forger family that’s fun for series fans and nonfans alike. Pack your bags and head out!

Spy x Family Code: White releases in theaters on April 19, 2024. An early screening provided for this review.

SPY x FAMILY CODE: White | Official Trailer 2 | In Theaters April

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