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Neko Girls Puzzle is a puzzle game made of beautifully drawn illustrations of women with cat characteristic features (e.g. ears, tail). There are more than thirty puzzles to complete and there’s no time limits or scores to beat. It’s a straightforward game for those looking for a relaxing time.

The pieces for each illustration are already laid out. You just need to rotate them to the right place. Additionally, you’ll need to flip some of the pieces to fit with the illustration. Sounds enough but players will need to pay close attention to details as they can be easily missed. For example, one piece will contain a tail but the piece above has a small stroke from the tail. The music is relaxing for a calm experience. If you’re stuck, the game features a hint option to find pieces that are not placed right.

It’s too bad the game doesn’t add additional features like competition for leaderboards or at least add achievements. Playing on the Steam Deck isn’t a problem but expect more difficulty to see details when placing pieces in the right place on a small screen.

Neko Girls Puzzle available now for Steam and on Japan’s Nintendo eShop page. A less-sexual version available on the US Nintendo eShop.

A review code provided for this article and gameplay footage.

Neko Girls Puzzle - Gameplay Footage (Steam Deck)

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