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A Final Fantasy talkshow event was happening over in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo earlier to talk about the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy. During the talkshow, Mr. Tetsuya Nomura appeared and showcased four screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Unfortunately those screenshots were not made public but according to twitter user @monoyu_ka, the screenshots were tweaked designs of Cloud Strife and the Avalanche team.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Talkshow Stage

Photo taken by twitter user @rikuka_tw

According to @monoyu_ka, Biggs looked “super handsome”, Wedge was “refreshingly chubby”, Jessie “cute”, and Cloud looked “suitable for his age” and “still handsome”. Tetsuya in his interview that he wanted to make the characters look “more natural” than just “beautiful”.

Recently, SquareEnix has been very confidential on showing new art and information to the public. While making these tweaks are great, the question everyone is wondering, how much time has been pushed for a release? What about new screenshots or footage?

To see original designs of Cloud, Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie from the initial game’s announcement, check out the gallery below.

Source: @monoyu_ka (1, 2, 3, 4), GamesTalk

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