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Launched at the end of February, Square Enix has received a lot of uproar on how Chrono Trigger was ported to Steam, making it unbearable for fans of the game. Last month, the team who is helping with the game has published an update regarding that they are listening and looking into a fix or two. Yesterday, a new update has been made regarding to updating the game’s problems.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all of your feedback, patience and support so far.

We have been working on addressing the issues that you’ve raised, and will be releasing a number of patches over the coming months as we continue to support CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam.

We’re aiming to release the first of these patches in the first half of April, and the biggest change is that it will include an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics, and the original graphical style of CHRONO TRIGGER.

We’ll post a full list of changes here when the first patch is released. For now, be assured that we’re working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting CHRONO TRIGGER on Steam.

As CHRONO TRIGGER is going to receive patches over the coming months, we are going to extend the availability of the Limited Edition until:
5PM, April 30th BST / 9AM, April 30th PDT

Thanks again from all of us on the CHRONO TRIGGER team.

The game will give players the option to switch to the original sprite style come later in April, smaller patches in the first half of April. Additional information will be provided once the first batch of patches has been released.

Originally the game was exclusive to Steam until end of March but now with the updates, the game has been pushed till end of April. Why a limit? Why can’t Square Enix just put it up on Steam permanently if they are going through all the trouble to please us fans? It’s too bad Square Enix can’t go back in time and fix the mess they started.

Below is the screenshot of the original update from Steam:

Chrono Trigger Update

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