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While not an actual gameplay, the official Mega Man VR trailer showcases that the game is indeed coming. However the game will stay in Japan at Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro. Mega Man VR, also known as Rockman VR: Targeted Virtual World!! will be playable beginning of July 18, 2020. No word from Capcom if the game would come overseas or at the very least on VR headsets.

Story synopsis:

The peaceful VR world is in danger! Dr. Wily’s hack is about to conquer the VR world! Equipped with VR goggles developed by Dr. Light, you are the one who will stop Dr. Wily’s conquest of the VR world!

When the game opens to the public at Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro, it’ll cost 1,500 yen per player, one player can play at a time. The official Japanese site estimates the game length to be 25 minutes. Children under the age of 7 cannot play and children under the age of 13 would need their parent or guardian with them when playing. Additional information of guidelines available on the official game site. Bookings available online now for those who are in or visiting Japan.

Mega Man has been in gamer’s hearts since the NES days and bringing in new ones since its release of Mega Man 11. Capcom, aware of the popularity of the blue bomber, continues to re-deliver classic titles to the current consoles, including the popular Nintendo Switch. A VR game of Mega Man would be quite interesting! At this point for Mega Man (Rock Man) fans will have to wait and see what Capcom will do next.

Rockman VR Official Trailer

Source: Rockman Corner, Capcom Japan

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