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Also known as Rock Man, Mega Man touched gamer’s hearts since 1987 for many consoles, and a VR game coming to arcades. Its spin-off series, Mega Man X debuted on the Super Nintendo in 1993 and made many sequels from its success. While many fans have a favorite Mega Man X game, there’s a special place for Mega Man X4. Celebrating 23 years of its release (August 1, 1997), a new Mega Man X4 figure announced, the X Force Armor. The X Force Armor stands as a 1/12 scale, 137mm (approximately 5.4″) tall figure.

Mega Man X4 X Full Armor Figure

One of the intriguing parts of this figure is if you own the first X plastic model kit (sold separately), you can change parts between the two, such as the X-Buster. Creating enactment parts when X received specific power-up gear from Dr. Light. The X Force Armor kit comes with smiling face part that can be swapped. The model kit sells for $69.99 USD and pre-ordering the figure gives customers a special bonus, a stage background seat to display behind your stylish X figure.

Mega Man X4 - X Figure

The figure releases in Japan in January 2021. Those who are looking to import the model kit would need to contact their local retailer than can import Japanese products, such as or a local anime storefront. The Mega Man X4 figure product page located on Kotobukiya’s website (English) or visit the Japanese product page if you wish to pre-order in Japan.


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