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Anime inspired, strategy game, Super Bullet Break announced by PQube Games, scheduled to release this year. Online games are in trouble and it’s up to you to save them from being corrupted by the mysterious Buggos. Three gamers are contact by a girl named Nayuta, a mysterious figure that needs your help to defeat Buggos. Play through games and restore them back to normal.

Here’s what to expect in the upcoming game:

  • Get The Girls, Save The World – Collect over 160 ‘Bullets’ – cute girls with their own special skills and backstories!
  • Gacha Without The Microtransactions – Obtain ‘Bullets’ and valuable items through battle rewards, opening treasure or rolling for them in the shop – all without paying a penny in microtransactions!
  • A Challenging and Strategic Deckbuilder – You’ll need a strong deck and tactics to defeat the rogue AI and its minions!
  • Electric Boss Fights – Take on the boss at the end of each stage to either win valuable rewards, or lose and start over!
  • Rise Above Failure – Building the perfect deck takes time and you may fail over and over… But by collecting more Bullets to create the ultimate deck, you can rise to glory!
  • 7 Unique Game Maps – Each of the 7 game maps have been inspired by classic game genres from dating sims to rhythm games and dungeon crawlers.

Super Bullet Break announced for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC releases in 2022. The game set to release both digitally and physically. Players can visit the official game website for additional details.

Super Bullet Break - Announcement Trailer

Source: PQube Games

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