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Blossom Tales first released on the Nintendo Switch end of 2017, the same year the Switch released. The Zelda-inspired indie game drew attention to many. The development team weren’t 100% sure yet at the time a sequel would come but after its initial announcement last year, Blossom Tales 2 was indeed coming. Almost a year later, Blossom Tales 2 release date confirmed to release on August 16th for the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

With the release date announcement, a new game trailer surfaced to show the return of Lily and her new adventure. Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince release date scheduled for August 16, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). Players can wishlist the game on their Steam account. If you haven’t played Lily’s first adventure in Blossom Tales The Sleeping King, we highly recommend pick it up.

Blossom Tales 2: The Minotaur Prince - Release Date and Boss Trailer

Source: Playtonic PR

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