Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the most beloved video game characters continues to rise while celebrating 31 years. It’s not just video games, Sonic has made a big splash in the movie industry too. After a hiccup of Sonic’s original film design, the blue blur received a makeover that helped his first movie debut tremendously. The second film already out in theaters, Sonic doing what Sonic does, destroying box office records. Not bad for a film that’s based off of a video game, it’s a film worth watching in our point-of-view. Celebrating the film’s release, FILA and Paramount teamed up to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog‘s second film with a pair of sneakers that the blue blur wears. While it may not make you go Sonic-fast, they may make you look fast. Let’s get a little close on the design.

FILA Ray Tracer Evo X Sonic 2 - Aerial View

The unisex FILA Ray Tracer Evo X Sonic 2 are based off of FILA’s Ray Tracer Evo sneakers. Giving these slip on shoes premium cushioning, durability and traction. We’ve tested out the sneakers at a nearby park and they are quite comfortable. From running down a concrete path, between baseball bases, and through water, they feel comfy and fun looking. They may not be the best shoes to wear for all your attire but if you plan on using them for running, go for it. Many of you may set these up for display, which is another option. They are fun to look at, even with the yellow tab on the front isn’t what Sonic has on his sneakers. It’s a mix of Sonic’s and today’s athletic shoes mixed together. The sole and inside labels below the top of the shoe have the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film logo. Additionally the FILA logo printed on the sole. FILA also has their brand printed on the bottom of the shoe and the back. The white strap laced around the front is a nice but a little loose.

FILA Ray Tracer Evo X Sonic 2 - Shoes with Sonic Sega Genesis Games

This is not the first time a shoe company collaborated with Paramount Pictures for Sonic’s sneakers. PUMA made its pair of Sonic’s shoes when the first Sonic the Hedgehog film came out in 2020. Based on the designs PUMA made and comparing to FILA’s version, PUMA doesn’t appeal to be athletic looking with its leather-looking, smooth design whereas FILA’s has the texture front with a thicker bottom. It almost makes the PUMA version look like dress shoes. Both have their merit but FILA has the edge for the modern design look.

The FILA Ray Tracer Evo X Sonic 2 flew off FILA’s website, faster than Sonic’s speed, that the company has not kept up with demand. A restock came back but now already gone. It’s questionable if FILA will return the shoes the film releases on retail shelves. If you’re a Sonic the Hedgehog fan and if you come across the shoes that aren’t overly priced than the original $110 USD price tag, grab them.

FILA Ray Tracer Evo X Sonic 2 Shoes - Product Showcase

Product provided by FILA  for this article, photography and video.

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