The next Street Fighter is making its way to consoles and PC soon. The series sold more than 47 million units since its debut 35 years ago. Its next entry is looking to add to it. Street Fighter 6 release date set for June 2, 2023 worldwide. The game wi have three distinct game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. Pre-orders for the game now open, players can purchase the game in three different editions:

  • Standard Edition ($59.99 USD) – Digital/Physical
    Includes the base game of Fighting Ground, World Tour, Battle Hub, and the 18-character launch roster.
  • Deluxe Edition ($84.99 USD) – Digital/Physical
    Includes base game, Year 1 Character Pass (containing four characters), colors 3-10 for each of those Year 1 characters’ Outfit 1, and bonus of 4,200 Drive Tickets for in-game purchases.
  • Ultimate Edition ($104.99 USD) – Digital
    Includes base game and Year 1 Ultimate Pass which contains content from the Year 1 Character Pass, two additional costumes and their alternate colors for the four Year 1 characters, two more stages, and a bonus of 7,700 Drive Tickets.

In World Tour Mode, players travel around the world learning Special Moves from Masters. Mix and match skills with your avatar at your disposal. Additionally, players can call for assistance using Master Assist. This allows players to fight alongside a Master, such as Ryu. When you need to take a break from fighting, you can try out mini games such as chopping bottles, parrying basketballs and more.

During the trailer, four characters, one of them a return character, make their appearance. Dee Jay, first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, will make a return in the upcoming Street Fighter. Manon, a supermodel and world champion judoka from France enters the stage. Marisa, an up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy is ready for a challenge. Last is JP, head of an international nonprofit organization responsible for many successful investment projects, and the man behind Nayshall’s present prosperity.

Fans can visit the official Street Fighter 6 website for more details. Street Fighter 6 release date set to release worldwide on June 2, 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Street Fighter 6 - Pre-Order Trailer

Source: Capcom

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