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Satisfye’s ZenGrip products for the Nintendo Switch have been a fantastic add-on for the Nintendo Switch, we highly recommend it too. For years, the company released various styles to fit many gamers styles. From transparent “ice” , pink bubble gum, diablo red, to Animal Crossing color-themed grips. Now there’s a new ZenGrip design that caters to those who dislike removing and connecting their ZenGrip before and after docking. Introducing the ZenGrip Ronin, an accessory for comfortable handheld gripping and can stay connected while the console is docked. Using less materials, the design still holds its value for relaxing your wrists. The ZenGrip Ronin is compatible to both the OLED and original Switch consoles. There are three color themes to choose from: Polar White, Mythic Edition, and Midnight Black. Polar White and Midnight Black both release October 2023 and safe color themes many will enjoy. The Mythic Edition releases in November 2023 is based off of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game.

Additionally, Satisfye released an updated case for those who are using Satisfye’s Ryze Pads. With this new case, gamers can keep their custom pads on the console without having to constantly removing the pads from the thumb stick.

Satisfye’s ZenGrip Ronin begins shipping October 2023. The Mythic Edition set to release November 2023. Pre-orders are open on Satisfye’s online store. Customers can use this checkout code to save 15% off the ZenGrip Ronin order: RONIN15

ALL NEW - Satisfye ZenGrip RONIN - Dockable Grip for Nintendo Switch - 2023

Source: Satisfye

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Adam Renard
Adam Renard
10 months ago

Really debating this, but I already have two. Maybe if I can give those away, I can justify purchasing one of these as I switch between hand held and docked a lot.

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