Hack and slash indie game, Tunche has a release date scheduled for November 2nd worldwide. Developed by LEAP Game Studios, based from Lima, Peru, will use 2D hand drawn animation into the beat ’em up game. With its clean animation and user interface (UI), the game looks to be not overlooked.

Team-up with four players co-op in the Amazonian rainforests to take out foes through four different worlds. Additionally, Tunche is bringing a guest appearance from another indie game, Hat Kid from A Hat in Time. Hat Kid will be a playable character, as each character brings in a unique style of skills. Giving players options to fit their style of gameplay.

About Tunche

Tunche is a charming, hand-drawn beat’em up hack and slash game with roguelike elements, co-op, and a pinch of shaman witchcraft. Choose one of the five characters, master their skill-sets and ultimate abilities defeat epic bosses, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious Amazonian jungle! The game is centered around high-risk, high-reward combat, and features a ‘stylish’ grade system. Choose a hero that suits your playstyle the most and begin your journey through 4 different worlds, each filled with unique enemies.

Tunche release date set for November 2, 2021. Releasing on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Steam players can visit the official Steam page to add to your wishlist.

Tunche Release Date Trailer

Source: Team Critical Hit

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