3.25 out of 5


  • Entertaining puzzle game


  • Lack of replay options
  • No multiplayer

Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC
ZOO Corporation
File Size (Minimum)
131 MB
Release Date (NA)
Nov 22, 2023

SETTRIS, a puzzle game that challenges players to place block pieces in a contained area. Not to be confused with the popular game, Tetris. SETTRIS is a combination of Tetris and the board game, Perfection.

A Perfect Fit?

SETTRIS - Screenshot

Unlike Tetris where blocks fall down and the user is expected to align blocks to make a solid line or more, SETTRIS is like the opposite. In this puzzle game, there are eighty levels and players have to complete each level chronically, if they want to replay a specific level.

In SETTRIS, blocks used in each level are given right away at the start of the level. Players are given a task to take each given block and place them in a contained box. You’ll have to flip flop and maneuver blocks to make them fit. Once you place all the blocks in the box, you clear the stage. Simple and quick. The game offers a quick tutorial when you first play so you’re not left in the dark on how-to play.

In the game’s normal gameplay, there are no timers so take your time and make that brain work. The deeper you go, some levels are found easier than some previously but that doesn’t take away the fun experience of playing. If anything, you should feel more confident.

Outside the game’s general gameplay, SETTRIS offers another way to play, Time Attack. As the title says itself, you are given a timer to complete as many puzzles as possible. Winning gains you a score to record. Other than that, that’s really all the game is. Ideally the game could expand to have multiplayer modes for competition. The game priced at $4.99 USD is borderline acceptable but a sale makes it worth it if you’re looking for a different style of puzzle games.

Under the Sea

The game’s soundtrack doesn’t overwhelm the gameplay but also doesn’t enhance it either. With a small amount of tracks, you’ll expect a lot of repeat tracks when playing through the levels. Background designs are based on an underwater layout as the blocks that are needed to be used are in bubbles. The background animations are calm and don’t distract the user but at the same time, the designs are too bland.

The Final Piece

SETTRIS is a fun puzzle game that mixes Tetris and Perfection but lacks gameplay options to extend its replay value.

A code provided for this review and gameplay footage.

SETTRIS - Gameplay Footage (PS5)

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