4.25 out of 5


  • Interactive puzzles
  • Online crossplay
  • Bigger than the original


  • Shooting for three
  • No online lobby

Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC
SMG Studio
Moving Out
Multiplayer, Party, Strategy/Tactics, Other
1-4 (2-4 online)
File Size (Minimum)
1.7 GB
Release Date (NA)
Aug 15, 2023

Moving Out 2, the sequel to the original 2020 game, improves not only its visuals but adds more ways to enjoy when it comes to moving.

What’s Old is New Again

Moving Out 2 - Screenshot

Nobody likes to move but Moving Out 2 makes moving enjoyable and you’re not breaking your back doing so or owing your friends pizza and beverages. Moving Out 2 brings back the original’s slapstick, silly humor and corny jokes. The obstacle of the game is to move specific items from one location into the moving truck. However, you’re under a time limit.

The game’s mechanics remain the same. Grabbing, throwing and placing objects use the same control configuration so veteran players will have no problem jumping into the improved version of moving. Its floppy, puppet-like movements help make the game feel more silly along with its objects bouncing off and flopping when thrown into another. When throwing, players can aim and toss with a couple key commands. To go further, players can jump and shoot for that long shot but expect some over-the-top object flopping. This makes it tougher to try and shoot a basketball in the official hoop. On one hand, it gives that silliness style but if you’re trying to take it seriously, you’re going to encounter frustration. 

The game offers additional gameplay modifications for those who are struggling. Before playing, players can boost the time limit to complete the move, disappear objects once they are loaded in the truck, and make large objects that require two players lighter to carry. These assists won’t ruin the goals you can complete at the end of the level and makes it fun for everyone no matter their skill levels.

The biggest difference is that there are a variety of levels to explore. These become available after completing a few levels. Once they open, there are a variety of themed worlds such as a medieval period and civilization above the clouds. These styles give more variety of puzzles to solve such as moving a chair by hopping on floating turtles to cross, though the cloud-based levels can become frustrating when trying to move objects filled with clouds blocking your vision.

Additionally, some levels require players to have a certain level to unlock and play. To increase your rank, players will have to complete goals in other levels. These goals range in variety of difficulty but are entertaining to complete. Some examples include not breaking glass or destroying certain objects. You won’t know these goals until you complete the level first.

No Free Roaming

Moving Out 2 - Screenshot

When it comes to multiplayer mode, Moving Out 2 offers crossplay online. This gives players the opportunity to play with players on a different game device. However, you’ll need to know the player’s Team17 account name as it runs through their setup and not a free-range lobby where anyone can just join. It’s a bummer that users who have not signed-up for a Team17 Account will have to go through extra steps just to play. Also, to find new players, Team17 advises users to join their Discord channel. While playing by yourself is enjoyable, it feels more like a party game than a solo one.

That Goofy Smile

Moving Out 2 - Screenshot

Like Moving Out, players can choose from a variety of avatars. Many can be found when playing in specific levels or roaming the world map between levels. The world of Moving Out 2 is a simple and vibrant design which does what it’s meant to do. The game’s soundtrack has an upbeat and energetic vibe that works as intended but it feels more like a background noise while you concentrate on beating your moving time. It doesn’t add more to the game, and players can use their own music and still have fun.

The Last Box

Moving Out 2 is better and more fun than the original. Making online friends isn’t easy, but with a variety of worlds to explore, moving is actually fun for once. Grab a box and get to the finish line!

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Moving Out 2 | Launch Trailer

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