Dragon Quest, one of the popular role-playing games (RPGs) in the video game industry since 1986. The game first released on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and grew very popular in Japan. From spin-offs, merchandise, anime series, and more. It’s a household name in Japanese homes. While not-so-popular outside of the country, the name and series of Dragon Quest still holds up across the globe.

The Dragon Quest Loto Edition for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) retailed for 39,980 yen (approximately $312 USD) and released on July 29, 2017. The console came with a 1TB hard-drive, a themed DualShock 4 controller, physical copy of Dragon Quest XI along with digital codes for in-game items, and a PlayStation 4 theme. Seeing how fans can only pick this up by importing the console or someone in the country selling one.

There’s quite a few limited edition consoles based off of the Dragon Quest brand and the PlayStation 4 version, the Loto Edition, is one of the best looking ones. From the console to the box design, it’s a well-thought out set. We got our hands on the limited edition. Let’s take a closer look what this box contains.

Dragon Quest Loto Edition – Best Out There

Dragon Quest Loto Edition - PlayStation 4 Box Design

This official box for the Dragon Quest Loto Edition more fun than any other box design for a video game console. The outside resembling the popular emblem used in the Dragon Quest series, designed with floral-like designs on a blue, texture-like design. Parts on the box, such as the top flap and the bottom where you open the box, has a cut-out of a slime-shaped hole. Underneath the cutout resembles a colored slime, one of the most iconic video game monsters. However, opening up the box gives fans another piece of fun. After opening the first flap of the box, the inside design cover resembling another Dragon Quest monster, the mimic. Taking that off along with a piece of cardboard of the mimic monster design reveals the PS4 box. Unfortunately the PS4 box is not designed and is a generic, white recycled cardboard box.

Dragon Quest Loto Edition - PlayStation 4 System

Dragon Quest Loto Edition - PlayStation 4 Console

The PS4 console itself is all-blue. The top part of the PS4 has a glossy material with the Loto emblem on top in the color of gold. Note that the words “Dragon Quest” underneath the emblem does not specifically call out a specific game, which is great. It doesn’t feel outdated to a specific game and caters to the entire Dragon Quest series. Below the glossed top, the console in a matte finished in blue. The front part of the console while laid flat has a gold colored slime monster. Additionally, the package includes a gold color metal slime, looks like a melted slime, that snaps over the top part of the console into the USB port. Adding detail and character to the console. Unfortunately the console wasn’t released as a PS4 pro version, a higher graded PS4 console. Still, the Loto Edition still a beautiful console.

Dragon Quest Loto Edition - PlayStation 4 Controller

The DualShock 4 designed also to match the Loto Edition console. The controller in blue with a couple gold colored decals: the Loto emblem and slime monster. Additionally, a slime monster silhouette positioned above the D-pad’s up button. It’s a fun looking controller that matches the console very closely.

This PlayStation 4 slim model is only available in Japan. Fans of Dragon Quest will want to fork over some cash to get this one imported. However, it’s still one of the best looking PlayStation 4 consoles, in fact one of the best looking video game consoles. While still owning the newer PlayStation 5, it’s hard to not want to part ways with this limited edition. Those wondering, yes you can set the imported console’s language to English and play your region games. If you can score this console with its original box, it’s a win. Hopefully more of these type of console designs will come to upcoming consoles and become easier to obtain than importing.

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