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The 2D roguelike action-platformer indie game, TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity releases June 2nd on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

About TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity

Five heroes hope to escape from a skyscraping prison that rearranges into a brand new set of floors every 24 hours. Embrace each playable character’s high-damage, long-cooldown magical skills, execute precision platforming maneuvers and learn about why they find themselves in the tower. Pass the gravestones of fellow players, and leave helpful messages or cries of frustration if defeated. Try to defeat version 1.0’s new final boss, and discover the true ending.

Players can edit and customize their character and navigate them through the tower filled with brutal monsters and traps. Every 24 hours in real-world time, the dungeon auto-generates new layouts. The game available for pre-order on Nintendo eShop or on Steam. TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity releases June 2, 2022 on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam).

TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity - Nintendo Switch & STEAM Launch Trailer


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