4.0 out of 5


  • Mixed gameplay types
  • Powering-up
  • Illustrations
  • Soundtrack


  • Technical mishaps
  • Tedious battles

Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC
Super Mega Team
Action, Adventure
File Size (Minimum)
1.4 GB
Release Date (NA)
Nov 29, 2022

The Knight Witch is an indie game that has a unique style of mixed gameplay types with attractive illustrations. However, it stumbles on some mechanical mishaps that can make tough battles more tedious.

Rise and Fall

The Knight Witch - Screenshot

The story of The Knight Witch revolves around the tension between Daigadai and the Children of Gaia. Daigadai believed using every ounce of resources on the planet was necessary to live while the Children of Gaia thought the opposite — preserve nature and let the planet heal. The war overwhelmed the Children of Gaia because of Daigadai’s advanced technology. However, things took a turn when the Knight Witches arrived. These powered-up humans took down the emperor of Daigadai, ending the war.

However, that did not stop the planet from continuing to become uninhabitable. Survivors decided to leave the surface and live underground. Peace lasted until fourteen years later. You play as Rayne, the fifth Knight Witch that never went into war due to lack of power. Now, she is needed as the Daigadai return and threaten the Children of Gaia one more time.

The build-up takes some time as you’ll play as the captain of the Knight Witch at the beginning to take down the emperor. It’s a familiar scene to players of classic Mega Man X titles, where the hero goes through an enemy base and takes on a large-scale enemy. Afterwards, the story continues and turns you over to play as Rayne.

A Mixed Style Worth Diving Into

The Knight Witch - Screenshot

The Knight Witch isn’t just a one-styled game, it has more. Beatles are a shoot-em-up styled gameplay where enemy attacks fly all over the screen towards the player. It’s up to the player to avoid and attack back. Players can pick up and utilize different styles of attack such as shooting triple bullets and a “machine gun” style attack. Think of the classic video game series Contra, where one could pick up various weapon styles.

The exploration itself fits into the Metroidvania genre, with a large area broken up into many rooms that open to other areas to find enemies, weapons, etc. Not many games do this, and it’s a nice change of pace. Exploring is entertaining, but out-of-the-blue battles can quickly change the pace. If you’re lost on what to do next, the game offers a helpful guide with a press of a button. A trail of fairy dust appears and ends in the direction where players should go.

Special attacks are used by a set of cards that can not only help take out enemies but aid you mid-battle. Players have a set of mana to use these, and some cards require a certain number. Replenishing them can be done quickly by collecting orbs dropped by enemies. Additionally, you can rearrange and adjust cards to use before battle, adding another style of gameplay to the indie game.

Upgrades to your weapons and spells can be made after you level-up your link level. To increase your link, you need to rescue civilians that are caged by enemies and complete missions to ensure the Children of Gaia have someone they can trust. Doing this makes an impact for upcoming battles, and you’ll need it. You’ll have times where you’ll need to backtrack to already visited areas, but it’s worth the trip.

Furthermore, the game was developed by a veteran team that helped out with RiME, Moonlighter, and Plants VS Zombies. That makes The Knight Witch more appealing.

Caught off Guard

The Knight Witch - Screenshot

The indie game utilizes the various play styles but does come with some technical mishaps. While controlling Rayne, you have the option to fire automatically with one button or use the right thumbstick to aim and shoot. For many, the automatic firing is a sure win for players. However, there are times during battle when it doesn’t lock on the correct enemies and shoots in the opposite direction. This can become challenging during the heat of battle. Moving Rayne around feels too loose and makes it challenging to dodge attacks. You’re better off backing off further for more breathing room to get around those ferocious enemy attacks.

Some battles can get really tedious if you aren’t careful. Enemies can shoot off an attack that can go off-screen and back in, trapping players in a tight area with little room to maneuver. Expect to perish a few times to get the flow of the battle. Once you do, you can exhale, but for only a short time until another unexpected battle appears.

Some areas will respawn enemies, but the game seems to do it too often. In an area where enemies respawn, they come back instantly after saving at a nearby beacon. Can a witch catch a break?

Colorful, Intriguing Designs

The Knight Witch - Screenshot

For an underground world, the design in the Knight Witch is vibrant, and subtle animations are a nice touch, such as fans spinning in the background as lanterns sway back-and-forth. Character and enemy designs are drawn remarkably well. Details drawn in armor and the simple designs work well together.

While the character designs are great, the animation feels a bit off during cutscenes. For example, walking or running across the screen looks more like wired puppets. It’s not something to put the game down but it has a resemblance to how some animations were done in the 2000s.

The game’s soundtrack, created by Damian Sanchez, is well worth listening to. With string instruments playing in the prologue to the sole vocal track, it is a great soundtrack for this indie title. The mysterious tune while exploring then gradually picks up as you battle and makes the game more intense. A special vocal track with Greta G. is heartwarming and makes you sway with the tune.

The Last Witch

The Knight Witch has a great mixture of gameplay styles and a fulfilling soundtrack that players will want to explore from top to bottom. While it has some technical issues, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this special indie title.

A PlayStation 5 review code provided for this review and gameplay footage. Players can visit the official website for additional details.

The Knight Witch - Gameplay Footage

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