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  • Soundtrack
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  • Boss Battles
  • Characters
  • Vibrant colors
  • 16-bit graphics
  • Character dialogues
  • Detailed storyline


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Switch, PlayStation 4, Vita, PC
Bifrost Entertainment, DANGEN Entertainment
Joakim Sandberg
Action, Adventure
File Size (Minimum)
417.21 MB
Release Date (NA)
Jan 23, 2018
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Seven years. Iconoclasts was in development for this long by Joakim Sandberg himself, and now it’s finally released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam. Iconoclasts is a Metroidvania (Metroid and Castlevania) style gameplay, set in a detailed, luxurious 16-bit world filled with problem-solving scenarios, and great controls. It rightfully deserves a spot in your gaming library.


Like the name of the game, Iconoclasts is heavily based on religion, creating suppression on beliefs and values to every human being. In the world of Iconoclasts, each person is assigned a strict role; going against “Mother” and her beliefs would label you as a sinner. As a sinner, you’re taken captive and killed along with anyone associated with you.

Meet Robin, a young woman who wants to help people with her mechanic skills. With a wrench in hand, she is labeled a sinner like her father, and is on the run from agents of “Mother”. Along her journey, she encounters intriguing characters; some of them hold different beliefs and are being hunted because of it.


As the story progresses, Robin is caught in the thick of things as the issue becomes more than just religion, but a dying planet that’s losing Ivory (think of fossil fuels in our world) to maintain itself.

Following? That’s just the basic information of this complex story. Steeped in details, you can expect to get lost time after time, but the story eventually makes a full circle. You’ll be spending some much time on solving puzzles and indulging in the game’s scenery, you’ll forget there’s a story being played.

First Impressions Are Important

Starting up the game the first time, you’ll watch a slick 2D animation scene before seeing the menu screen. As you start your adventure with Robin, you’ll notice the vibrant, highly detailed art filling your screen, top to bottom. From the plants and dirt to the statues and architectures, the level of detail is incredible.

The character animations are simple, clean, and attractive for the 16-bit style. While enjoying the gameplay and learning about Robin, other characters such as Agent Black and Mina will catch your attention with their personalities.

Iconoclasts Robin & Agents

Even the text animations in the dialogue box are animated accordingly to the emotions the character is experiencing. For example, if someone is yelling or scared, the text is enlarged and shaking — an amusing way to express the character’s emotions without voice acting.

When you think of scores that grabbed your attention when first play a game such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, Iconoclasts does just that. When walking out of Robin’s home the first time, the music will fill your head with joyful memories and nostalgic feeling, from classic games that were once on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. It’s a memorable track that is perfect to start your journey as Robin.

The rest of the soundtrack utilizes the 16-bit world and fits each level design and scenario. We highly recommend checking out the soundtrack and add it to your music library.

Boss Battles

The game is filled with boss fights. Each end-level boss is uniquely different and requires problem-solving skills to beat them. Playing each one for the first time, you’ll struggle with how to beat it, and may perish in the process.

But once you figure it out, let the games begin!

Iconoclasts Boss Battle

Talk to the Wrench

Robin’s main weapon is no doubt the wrench, but her stun gun also comes in handy. Both weapons receive upgrades as you progress, and will aid you not only in battle but maneuvering around levels, and unlocking secret paths for treasures.

The stun gun has various uses. You can shoot regular blasts or drop bombs. Charging it while equipped with the regular stun shot releases a larger blast. Charging it with the bombs equipped to the stun gun will release a missile. Whichever blast you use requires a second to charge (Robin will flash in red), and afterwards your gun has a cool-down gauge before you’re able to attempt another attack. Charged shots can unlock secret entrances that are blocked by boulders.

The wrench can attack enemies when Robin spins it. This is not as effective as the stun gun, but comes with unique ways to be used. Throughout levels are nuts and bolts that can be turned to open gates, move platforms, and swing through the air. Once unlocked, you can charge-up your wrench and zip across wires that are attached by bolts.

While not mind-blowing attacks, they are entertaining in a unique way. Who says using a wrench can’t be fun?

Metroid Flair

Iconoclasts and Super Metroid

Fans of Metroid will recognize various scenarios in Iconocasts such as a familiar laboratory scene and Robin’s stun gun attacks.

While Robin is ziplining across wires, she creates a unique animation style that resembles Samus’ Speed Booster.

Iconoclasts & Super Metroid

While playing, you’ll notice you can’t go everywhere and unlock everything at first. Like Metroid, when abilities and items become available, you’ll wind up backtracking to enter these locked areas. These are just a few homages but expect to see more as you play.

Let’s “Tweak” it Out

When it comes to games that use multiple types of weapons, expect a list of abilities at your disposal. There’s a selective few that’ll come in handy at moments, such as breathing underwater longer and holding a charge longer for your wrench.

Each will require specific materials in order to “tweak” or create them. Once you create a “tweak” you can equip them in your limited slots. Just because your “tweak” is equipped does not mean it’s available at all times. When attacked, you’ll be deprived of your “tweak” and are required to refill the “tweak” gauge in order to use it again. To fill the gauge, you can destroy miniature statues that are found throughout the level and use your wrench on nuts and bolts to open gates.


Can a Girl Catch a Breathe?

When you first start playing, your path is linear. Robin explores outside her home and ends up fighting against a “Concern”. “Concerns” are unique creatures that will either take over objects or fight in their true form to take down their enemy. They are ran by “One Concern” and the agents that work for “One Concern” will use them at their disposal.

Afterwards, when Robin is fixing her brother’s home, she is captured by agents, then escapes with a “pirate”, battles another “Concern”, almost gets blown up, picked up at sea, thrown back to sea, washed ashore to a remote desert area, and it keeps going. There are an extensive amount of activities happening for Robin. You’ll eventually get a break from the wild scenarios to find hidden treasures you may have missed before.

While traveling back and forth between lands is a hassle by foot, you’ll eventually come across access to a transportation device that will make traveling much easier however only access is specific areas in each level. It may not be a plane or some magical bird that picks you up, but it is better than nothing.

Iconoclasts Gameplay Footage #2


You’ll likely achieve at least 12 hours of gameplay on your first-time, and shorter when replaying. The game will score you depending on how many “tweaks” were created, and how many treasures were found. For perfectionists, expect to put in some extra time for that 100%.Iconoclasts is a terrific game that utilizes the 16-bit style wonderfully. The music and gameplay heightens the value. While the story may become confusing at times, and problem-solving boss fights can take time, it doesn’t distract from how much excitement this game has. This is worth purchasing for your digital library and deserves your attention.

Iconoclasts is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam.

A PlayStation 4 review code was provided by Bifrost Entertainment for this review.

Iconoclasts Gameplay Footage

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