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The Nintendo Store in New York City was founded on November 16, 2001 but it wasn’t it’s original name. In 2001, the location was originally named The Pokémon Center. In 2005, the location was changed to Nintendo World and in 2016, changed again to what we know today as the Nintendo New York. This is the only specialty store opened to the public in the United States and also holds speciality events such as tournaments and game releases, such as Super Mario Odyssey.

While there are products in the Nintendo Store you can actually find at your local Target, Walmart, and other merchandise stores, there are some speciality items and great looking decorations you’ll only find in New York. We took quite a few photos and displaying them here for all those who haven’t never been, or not for awhile, at the Nintendo Store in New York City.

You can visit the official Nintendo New York store’s website for any events and additional details.

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