Reebok and Capcom are teaming up to release a set of Street Fighter merchandise to celebrate the franchise’s 35th anniversary. From shoes to shirts, the collaboration material begins sales on December 15th on Reebok’s website.

There’s a set of nine different styles of footwear fans can choose from. Many of which represent popular fighters such as Ryu and Chun Li. Product photos available below the article.

  • Classic Slide (HR0591 & HP2208, $45) – Every fighter needs a slide when transitioning to and from the arena. These two colorways of Reebok’s Classic Slide feature a range of graphics from the Street Fighter franchise to get the wearer ready to fight.
  • Nano X2 (GZ9540, $150) – This iteration of Reebok’s award-winning training shoe takes on details from the training mode in Street Fighter. Details throughout the shoe, including those on the tongue and heel, pay homage to the training screen, with the grid motif brought to life on the midsole and upper.
  • Club C 85 (GZ9543, $100) – Ryu, one of the most popular characters in Street Fighter, takes over this Club C. The upper features distressed canvas with raw edges, similar to Ryu’s gi post-fight. The logo from Ryu’s gloves makes an appearance on the heel in addition to red details nodding to Ryu’s headband.
  • Classic Leather (GZ9544, $100) – Chun Li and her iconic outfit inspire this Classic Leather. Custom woven underlays pay homage to Chun Li’s dragon sash while her legendary spiked bracelets are reimagined on the heel. The shoe is finished off with distressed gold and blue details, nodding to her outfit coming out of battle.
  • LX2200 (H06329, $110) – Cammy and her fierce aesthetic influence this military green and black LX2200. The logo from Cammy’s beret is found on the heel of the shoe and her utility belt is brought to life with nylon webbing on the window box.
  • Furylite 95 (GZ9542, $100) – This Furylite brings Akuma to life by bringing his distressed dark-colored gi to the upper of the shoe and translating his signature wild look into a furry fleece heel. A rope lace and heel graphic taken from Akuma’s battle-tested outfit round out the tribute.
  • Instapump Fury 95 (GZ9541, $200) – Details honoring Zangief are hidden throughout this Instapump Fury from the custom molded tongue mimicking Zangief’s belt to the printed webbings showing off his wristband.
  • Zig Kinetica 2.5 (GZ9539, $130) – The beloved fighter Dhalsim inspires this sneaker with a colorway reminiscent of his unique look and a rope lace representing his belt. The skull lace dubrae is modeled after his necklace and Dhalsim’s signature metallic bracelets are featured as metal eyelets.
  • Shaq Attaq (HR0603, $200) – Last but not least, in true champion fashion this version of the Shaq Attaq represents the Champion Edition of Street Fighter II. The sneaker features the Champion Edition logo and a distressed upper signifying how hard one has to fight to become a champion.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s graphic tees, hoodies, sweatpants and shorts to pick up and wear by the time Street Fighter 6 releases on June 2nd, 2023. The shop appears to carry more on-hand than FILA’s short quantity of Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers. Street Fighter fans may want to jump on the opportunity before running out of stock.

Source: Reebok

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